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Protect your children online with confidence

ESET Parental Control for Android lets you help your children navigate the online in a way that works for both of you. Manage what apps and websites they use, and decide - together - what's good for them.

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All the features you need to keep your children secure

➜  Manage time and suitability of the applications

➜  Immediately block device activities

➜  Approve remotely child's requests

➜  Device status info (Mute status, battery level)

➜  Control inappropriate web content  PREMIUM 

➜  Locate your child  PREMIUM 

➜  Safe search  PREMIUM 

➜  Geofencing  PREMIUM 

One licence for one family

Manage all associated devices by logging in to your parental account via Add multiple child devices or child profiles in the same place.


ESET Smart Security Premium

For Windows


ESET Smart TV Security

For Android

Other solutions
for Windows and Mac


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