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Social media and teen mental health

Social media sites are designed to make their users come back for more. Do laws restricting children’s exposure to addictive social media feeds have teeth or are they a political gimmick?

Social media platforms have become a near-constant presence in our daily lives. They are a great tool to stay connected with relatives and friends while also offering various avenues for self-expression. However, the rise of social media has also raised concerns about its impact on mental health, particularly among the young.

Legislation plays an increasingly vital role in addressing these challenges. The New York State, for example, has just passed laws that are designed to protect children and teens from the dangers the online world, including a law on “addictive” social media feeds, the BBC reports.

What exactly do these laws cover and what are some related challenges? How do parents come into play and what else is there to know about the wider subject? Watch Tony’s video to find out.


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